“York Christian Academy

offers fellowship and support

to even the most experienced

home educator…”




York Christian Academy offers an environment of learning where the parents are the primary educators.  We offer counseling and mentoring for all —  from those just considering home education, to new home school families, and to those interested in a private school/umbrella school.

We believe that your decisions should be based on choices
made from sound advice and resources that are qualified,
and we are not in business to take charge of you or your child.
Y.C.A. wants its parent educators to be in the driver’s seat
and in full control of the educational decision process.

York Christian Academy provides the parent educator with the opportunity to be in complete control of their child’s education, taking life-altering decisions out of the hands of outside persons and putting these decisions back into the rightful hands of the parent, who (of course), knows the student better than anyone else.

“We became a reality from a deep desire to give parents back their constitutional and moral right of guiding their child the way they feel God is leading them.  To home school takes unshakable determination and we feel that all children deserve to have the foundation to life that God offers.”


  • No mandatory curriculum
  • No required religious affiliation
  • No statements of faith
  • No paid tests or evaluations

In Addition…

  • All the required forms to home school in the state of Florida…
  • Over fifteen years (and counting!) of home schooling experience…
  • No enrollment costs: see our donations page to find out more…
  • Fully not-for-profit, in business to make home schooling easy for parents since 2004…